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Standing committee, vice governor ZhaoKe
Date:2010-02-01     clicks:6189

    In the afternoon of February 1, 2010, accompanied by municipal party committee FanYanQing, municipal CPC committee, vice mayor YuZhi, secretary of Commission of zhonglou district ZhangDongHai and secretary of district municipal, vice chairman of QiHuiMin, Standing committee, vice governor ZhaoKeZhi visit jiangsu province labor model of comrade zhangxiang, For he sent bonus and caffeine, concerned about his life and work, Representatives the former leaders at all levels pay homage to him. Company secretary of the party committee, chairman XuDaYou and company vice secretary of party, YuanGuoMin accompanied with the trade union chairman.

(Translator:Chu Dongpo Edior:Ding Jie)

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